Stormtrooper Part 2: Armour-geddon

Status update: Right forearm lightly trimmed and taped together, left forearm lightly trimmed and taped together, both biceps are lightly trimmed but not taped.

I am aiming for MEPD's SWAT

I've said it, it's happening, it's a fact now, I'm committed. 

For those who don't know Mos Eisley Police Department (MEPD, the Sandtrooper detachment of the 501st) has two deployment standards, beyond the 501st standard, they are; PO (Police Officer) and SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics). 

PO is basically a more accurate version of the 501st deployment, fairly 'easy' to attain in comparison to SWAT but that's mostly because the TD 501st standard is set very highly, SWAT on the other hand, that is a fabled status. SWAT basically means you are copying an exact character from on screen, so in my case the cantina captain, everything from their gear load out to their weathering patterns. You are no longer a replica of that character you are that character.

When you see pictures of a TD and then a picture of a SWAT TD, it's the difference between a dude with the most amazing Sandtrooper costume and an actual Sandtrooper who has somehow gotten lost in the city centre. They are both incredible but because they are actual characters they feel familiar, known, weighty, part of the universe. 

So I am going for SWAT, what does that mean? Well it means I have to take crazy care and do a bunch of research before I start applying glue. Plastics wise, assembly is the same, except for the helmet, that needs to be a high brow, which I don't like the look I have a second helmet to use :D

Now confession time. I have cried twice about my Stormtrooper armour. Once when I realised I was being a TD over a TK and my concern is that due to cost I won't ever be able to afford to be a TK, but I've become more comfortable with that and I am happy to have a bunch of friends close by to costume with. 

Secondly when I realised just what I had undertaken and how a fuck up could cost me lots of money for some melted plastic seems insane. It's been a real dream of mine to be a trooper and I want to be the best I can be but without access to the transport it's hard to get to Chris, a friend I've made through becoming a 501st member who has a lot of experience with plastics. 

I really hope I can do this but honestly, I am really not sure what to do next. I need to keep cutting plastics. I guess try and do some fitting and go from there! 

Alistair Blake