My blog


So if you are reading this, you've either accidentally found my blog, through either some linked images, maybe a search engine, perhaps I've even linked to a post somewhere about something I've covered, either way this isn't going to be regularly updated, there is no scheduled content and I have no idea what might be on it. Just information I want to document, most likely just for image hosting on another website or forum!

Anyway, quick update so far.

I've in the middle of setting up a comic shop which is some 3 weeks behind now (currently stood in it), which doesn't have Wi-Fi, so I am using my iPhone as a hotspot, I am a tutor for Flowskate and manager at the Chester session. I build websites and do a little bit of branding as well as being a partner in Comic Co Events who run Chester Comic Con and for the first time this year, are running Lime St. Comic Con. 

Hobby wise, I like to skate, play video games, listen to music and watch movies. I love Star Wars, Star Trek (in fact most Sci-Fi), comic books, inline skating and pretty much any board sport that my body will let me do. I am currently embarking on the adventure of building a Stormtrooper (technically a Sandtrooper) costume and an R2-D2, both for myself, but also for promo for comic con. I am currently in a relationship and have some pretty solid friends in my life :)

so yeah, think that it

Alistair Blake