Stormtooper Part 1: And so it begins....

So I've always wanted to be a Stormtrooper. I mean really, who hasn't? They are fucking cool! Yeah, on the surface they are bad guys in white plastic who can't shoot for shit and bump into doors but man, they are just so stylish. I feel like if Apple were to have an army they would be it. 

So after years of wanting to do it, researching about the Garrison (Star Wars cosplayers) and such I finally got to talk to some Garrison members at Chester Comic Con 2017 and they were lovely. Now straight up going to say it here. I think TKs (so like the regular white stormtroopers) are, by far, the coolest, but these guys are TDs, (that means Sandtroopers) dirty, grimy, backpack toting, pauldron wearing ass kickers. We all know costuming is better with friends so TD it is for me, with a TK in the future. The positive is, being all dirty, I can mess up the armour, get it scratched and what not and I'm good to go because I'm supposed to look fucked, so yay for that. 

So after a bunch of research, talking to the Sandy's and such I purchased some plastics. I've begun cutting and christ it's scary. I've got the TM kit and it's just so so lovely and perfect I am so worried I will screw it up.

Above you can see some of the work I did last night, cutting the bicep and forearm for the left side, today in work I am doing the right! 

Alistair Blake