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Death Ray Comics Subscription Service


What is the DRC subscription Service?

DRC offers a comic book subscription service where each month we order and put away the comic titles you want, specifically for you, meaning you never miss an issue.* Every order you place with DRC earns you reward points, meaning free products, discounts and prize draws, redeemable both online and in store.

How does it work?

All you need to do is fill in the form below with the titles you want on subscription and your details and from there we get to work. We place our orders with the publisher, then in 2 month time your comics arrive from the US. We get a shipment every week from America with all the latest comics in. We take your ordered titles, put them away for you each and every month. All you have to do is simply pop in and collect your order, paying cash or card with collection. No up front cost, no subscription fees. 

As we get to know your reading preference we will start to recommend books we think you might like, with no obligation to take them, we would just hate you to miss out on the next great book!

What are reward points and how do I earn them?

Reward points are our way of saying thank you for being loyal to us. For every £1 you spend you get 1 reward point. Once you've collected enough reward points you can trade them in for discounts, free products, prize draws and more. You can redeem these points easily through our website to spend either in store or online. The best part? It's completely free. 

How much does a DRC subscription cost?

Nothing! There are no extra costs, just the cost of your comics! Alternatively we can post orders out to you each month with a secure online payment, however this does incur a postage cost on orders under £35. 

Can I add or drop comics from my subscription?

Yes, at any time, we can even follow specific creators for you. Adding comics is as easy as telling us what comic you want to add to your order, and if it's mid run, telling us if you have a preferred issue number to get it from, otherwise you will just get the next available issue we have for you. 

Dropping a comic from your subscription is just as easy, drop us an email, pop in store or give us a call and let us know what you want to stop. We may ask if there is a specific reason, just so we can get to know your preferences for the future. Don't like the art style or the writer? If you let us know we can use this information to tailor recommendations to you for the future.

All we would ask is that you take any issues we have ordered for you. Due to the nature of comics we have to order them two months in advance, this means if you get Spider-Man every month and you cancel it at issue #10, we have already ordered #11 & #12 specifically for you, so you would stop getting Spider-Man at issue #13. It's a little strange we know, but we have to order early to make sure enough copies are printed to meet the global demand. 

Sounds good? Just fill in the form below to get started


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Terms and Conditions *
Death Ray Comics LTD. will order your comics monthly as per your request. Any issues of low order numbers, delay, allocation or damages soles falls to our publishers/suppliers and Death Ray Comics LTD. cannot be held responsible for these issues. We will however do everything in our power to resolve them and purchase comics from other sources if required/possible. Aggression towards staff will not be tolerated and Death Ray Comics LTD. reserves the right to cancel your order and/or refuse service at any time at their discretion, for any reason as per the law. By starting a subscription with Death Ray Comics LTD. you agree to a rewards account being opening with your provided email to manage your account as well as being added to our mailing list. We would ask initially that you come in monthly to pick up your order, alternatively you can contact us in store or online to arrange for postage and online payment of your order. Large initial orders or expensive items may require a deposit to go with the issued credit/order. Death Ray Comics LTD. retains the right to refuse issuing credit without a deposit at it's own discretion. Death Ray Comics LTD. would also ask that when cancelling an order, dropping a book from subscription or closing your subscription, you would please take any remaining comic books ordered for you. This helps keep costs down, and allows us to offer the best service possible to you and all other customers. Death Ray Comics LTD. reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice.

*Publisher allocations may occur, this is beyond our control and something all comic shops are subject to. In the event of this comics are issued on a first ordered, first allocated basis. This happens with popular titles at short notice. These titles do often go to second or third print. In this situation we will do everything in our power to fulfil your order.